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Butuan Restaurants – Enjoy New York Style Desserts in Butuan City, Philippines delivered for Free.

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The original owner’s son of Salvatore’s Restaurant in New York is now living in Butuan City, Philippines. He plans to bring his restaurant skills he’s learned his entire life to Butuan City, Philippines and open butuan restaurants. Born in 1961 Salvatore the 3’rd has worked in his fathers restaurant his entire youth. He started as a dishwasher when he was 10 years old and eventually learning all aspects of running a large restaurant in New York.

We are starting out as a free delivery only service (desserts being available first) and Salvatore’s Restaurant will eventually be in one of the new malls coming to Butuan City soon. Our New York Dishes and Desserts are made with the same high quality ingredients we used in New York. You can expect the best Dishes and Desserts you’ve ever eaten right here in beautiful Butuan City, Philippines. The menu will slowly increase with new dishes and desserts as the business expands.

Also we will be abiding by the same strict health department rules and regulations set forth by New York State. This will ensure the ingredients we purchase to create our food will always be stored and handled properly until the time you receive the finished product.

So look no further and order Dishes and Desserts today from our local butuan restaurants. You’ll know exactly what the American and  Italian food tastes like over in New York, United States. We also offer local Filipino Dishes and will be expanding on that menu soon. You can order by phone, text or online. Free delivery for all food, you can’t beat that. Hot Dishes and Desserts delivered right to your front door.

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The Original Founder of Salvatore’s back in 1955